The band consists of Achilles Karageorgiou (vocals, guitars) and George Adamidis (guitars), two childhood friends from Rhodes, Greece and since October 2017 Dimitris Christou on the drums.

Our first album came out in May 5th 2013 entitled "At First, Man Tried to Create God...and He Succeeded." Its style can be described as Death/Thrash metal in the style of the late 80's/early 90's music groups where, as it has been said, the genres didn't have so much importance and everything was simply "metal". 
2016 found us releasing two albums "II - Hostage of Fate" and "III - To Bring you Back" and an EP "It Takes Life", as well seeing songs featured in Terrorizer and Ultraje magazines compilation CD's. 

2018 will find us with our three latest works re-recorded and re-produced, releasing them in physical format and performing live for the first time.

We do not like and do try not to use genres as it comes to describe our music, as we find it a mixture of all genres of rock without any limitations. Only rule, to be shouting the words we have written with fast drums and loud distorted guitars.

We will like you to give a good listen to our music, enjoy it and be well and safe in your life.
Thank you from the depths of our souls and every vein in our hearts.

All our works are dedicated to all souls who fought and are still fighting cancer.